Ep: 011   Aug 03, 2020

Creative Financing - 5 Ways to Buy Vacant Land with No Money Down

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You can't make more money unless you either increase your deal flow, invest in more expensive properties, or a combination of the two. For most land investors, the size and composition of their deal flow is limited by available capital.  What would you do if money was no object?  In this episode of the Land.MBA Podcast we will discuss five creative financing techniques to acquire properties without using any of your own money.


Wouldn't it be cool if we could make more money without having to invest our money?  We only have so much money that we can invest.  We don't want to invest all of our money into one asset class. That's just a bit dangerous from a typical investing philosophy.   So why not use other people's money?


For every good property that comes your way, how many do we pass up because you’ve run out of capital or you don't have enough money.  Partnering with someone on a deal is a great way to increase your overall flow.  But people often complain that they don’t want to partner with anyone because they will have to split the profit.  But half the profit is better than nothing!  


Think about your deal flow like a flywheel.  It takes quite a bit of energy to get it to spin.  But once it’s going it takes very little energy to keep it spinning.  The goal is to keep as many deals going as possible each month  


We are going to explore in this podcast 5 creative ways to finance your deals so you can acquire properties with no money down.  And, and that really will allow you to grow your business much faster without the restraints of your personal capital abilities.  Not all situations are suitable to all of these techniques. And that is where, you know, having a good coach is so important.

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