Ep: 013   Aug 05, 2020

Trevor Hartsock and the Definition of Luck in Vacant Land Investing

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What is luck? Do you have to be lucky to succeed in the land business? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. But luck occures more reliably when you set yourself up to be lucky. In today's episode of The Land.MBA Podcast, we're speaking with Trevor Hartsock who purchased hundreds of properties in one single deal.


How did he do it? The bottom line is you just always have to keep the mail going. You always got to keep the phone ringing.  It's like anything in life, you just you just keep raising your game.  A lot of people that get into the business their first couple of mailers don’t go so well.  So they give up.  


“You got to just keep putting one foot in front of the other,” Trevor says.

The key is to just keep applying the principles.  Eventually, you will get a base hit and then a double.  And then you will get your first home run.  And everything will become clear after that.  One week in the land business can change everything!     


As Trevor grew his business he quickly began to realize that there was too much for one person to do.   This is a critical moment for any business owner.  The moment when you realize you need help.  But letting go is not a skill most entrepreneurs have.  The first step for Trevor was hiring a VA.  Just having someone to handle calls and email took an enormous weight off his shoulders.  


Land.MBA is all about scaling your business.  It’s about giving you the tools to grow quickly and efficiently .  A big part of that is creating a team around yourself.  Being trapped in the mindset of doing everything yourself is one of the biggest reasons most businesses get trapped on the plateau.  Don’t let it happen to you!

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