If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to learn the secrets to land investing success with nothing held back, the Land MBA is for you.  Be part of a small cohort of like-minded, aspiring land investors led by an experienced land investor/instructor. 

Who this is for?


Aspiring land investor who wants a cost-effective learning solution that holds nothing back. If you are stuck, this program will get you un-stuck.

Realtors, House Wholesalers, Fix and Flippers and any other Real Estate Professionals seeking an additional income stream via a new asset class.


What You’ll Learn


•Different strategies for land investing

•How to buy many types of land for pennies on the dollar

•Top negotiating techniques with sellers and buyers

•How to avoid costly mistakes through proper due diligence

•How to create leverage through deal structure and other people’s money

•How to structure every deal for maximum profit

•How to market land – channels, campaigns, copy, media

•How to sell with owner financing, managing your note portfolio and much more

•How to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity with premium land investing tools


What's Included in The Land MBA Program

  • Land.MBA Online Video Modules

  • 10 Group Zoom Live Sessions

  • 12 month Slack/Text access to coaches

  • Landspeed Pro Deal Management Software/CRM System

  • Industry leading mailing rates with no volume commitments.

  • Access to Land.MBA and Landspeed private Facebook communities.

  • Access to Deal Funding