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Episode 020

Do you long for economic freedom? Do you want to have control over your time? We all want that in life. But most of us work for the man all of our lives.


Episode 019

Are you a house wholesaler or flipper?  If so, the last 10 years have been fantastic for you. But now, as COVID-19 and the global economic  


Episode 018

How many times do you speak to somebody who's angry, untrusting, uncooperative or otherwise resistant to making a deal?


Episode 017

Gross Profit is the difference between how much you make on a property and what you actually pay for it. So if you want to increase your profit per...


Episode 016

Did you accomplish your goals last year? How about last quarter? How about yesterday? It's such a lousy feeling when you get to the end of... 


Episode 015

It's widely believed by psychologists that you can't change a mind that's already convinced of something. If you doubt me, post something ...


Episode 014

Have you ever thought of bringing a partner into your business? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to lean on so all the pressure isn't just on you?


Episode 013

What is luck? Do you have to be lucky to succeed in the land business? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt.


Episode 012

What is a brand?  What is the value of branding? Does branding matter in the land business? On today's episode of The Land.MBA Podcast...


Episode 011

You can't make more money unless you either increase your deal flow, invest in more expensive properties, or a combination of the two.


Episode 010

We are extremely excited to have a real star in the land investing community on the show. He is way too humble to admit to that.


Episode 009

I'm a data geek. I like to understand things so that I can feel more confident in my decisions. Too much analysis can be the death of dreams.


Episode 008

How would you like to add an extra $12,000 per year straight to the bottom line? Don't think it's possible? Well think again.


Episode 007

I am super excited because we have a phenomenal guest today on the show. His name is Jaren Barnes. 

Interview Roman Northcut - How to scale

Episode 006

The Land.MBA tagline is “Think big, start small and scale fast”. So have you thought big and started small? 


Episode 005

You've picked your county. You've priced your list. You've mailed your letters, and then finally, you bought some properties. Inventory is great...


Episode 004

They say that the goal of business is to maximize shareholder value. In the typical land business, we are the shareholders. So the question is...


Episode 002

In today's podcast, we're going to talk about market sizing and ask that all important question. Does size really matter? In business? You bet it does.

What to Expect From the New Land.MBA Lan

Episode 001

Does the land investing community really need another podcast? I'll give you a hint. The answer is yes.